Episode 23: Sula by Toni Morrison


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Our Current Reads

Sex Objects: Art & The Dialectics of Desire, by Jennifer Doyle

An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago, by Alex Kotlowitz


The Swimming Hole by Thomas Eakins, via Wikiart


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This episode’s excerpts are from 
Sula, by Toni Morrison

Books & References
“God’s Plan” by Drake
Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn
“The Crane Wife” by CJ Hauser
Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

wide open thighs

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About This Podcast

Carrie Mesrobian and Christa Desir are two good friends who love discussing sex & books. The idea for The Oral History Podcast came out of their daily dog-walking conversations when they realized that others might be as interested in this topic as they were. Each podcast focuses on a topic of sexuality in relationship to books. Previous podcasts have included discussions about masturbation, first kisses, cheating, illicit relationships, oral sex, and “girl talk” to name a few. Frank, engaging, and filthy, these two podcasters will leave you laughing, blushing, or ready to start writing sex scenes in your novel in an authentic and excellent way.


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