Write Lady Head Right: Flash Fiction


So many lovely things are born on Twitter, yall.

Our 2015 Valentine’s Day Flash Fic endeavor started as a challenge from Christa. We were discussing Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep and the assertion of some of the guys in that book that girls “taste like” of one two things: cheese or fish.

While Carrie found this depressing – though she loves Prep and always has – she disagreed with Christa’s view that men don’t like going down on women. She then challenged Twitter to show her wrong! The result was a hashtag: WriteLadyHeadRight. We had five other authors participate and have seven stories total that feature someone going down on the ladies. We’re so pleased with how they all turned out that we plan on making this an annual Valentine’s Day tradition.


NEW!  Introducing the 2016 #WriteLadyHeadRight Flash Fiction Tumblr

Call for submissions! We’re looking for good flash fiction featuring female-focused oral sex AKA “ladyhead” and we’re open for submissions via our new Tumblr through the month of February.

February might be the month of romance and flowers for some people, but for us it’s all about the ladyhead, so join us in reveling in this most excellent sexual activity and submit your stuff here.

A few things of note:

  1. You may submit anonymously or under a pseudonym. This is in case you’re, say, a picture book writer who doesn’t want to mix readership streams. We’re happy to use whatever attribution/link you want.
  2. You don’t need a Tumblr account to submit.
  3. Maybe it goes without saying, but we’re looking for ladyhead in all its iterations, not just heterosexual. Queer it the fuck up, yall. And don’t worry if it doesn’t have a happy ending.
  4. Published authors, if you want to excerpt a scene from a forthcoming book, we’re all about that. Just let us know where/what to cite as a purchase link.
  5. We don’t care if you’re published or not. This event is open to everyone.

Want an idea about what we’re looking for? Read last year’s #WriteLadyHeadRight stories!

 2015 #WriteLadyHeadRight Flash Fiction Blog Hop
Day 1: Christa Desir
Day 2: Katie Cotugno
Day 3: Bryson McCrone
Day 4: Ashley Herring Blake
Day 5: Ami Allen-Vath
Day 6: Adrianne Russell
Day  7: Carrie Mesrobian

Questions? Email us: feedback AT theoralhistorypodcast DOT com



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