Who We Are

Christa Desir & Carrie Mesrobian are friends who happen to also be YA authors.

This is Christa:

C Desir

Christa Desir is approximately 18 feet tall. Never go running with her if you’re shorter than that. She also loves roller derby and Christmas movies. Her Fake Boyfriend is Lenny Kravitz.
For more information on her books, go here.

This is Carrie:


Carrie Mesrobian lives in dread of having her headshot taken. You walk faster than she runs.
She also loves coconut popsicles & doing laundry. Her Fake Boyfriend is Norman Reedus.
For more information on her books, go here.

Please send comments, questions, book recommendations & ideas for future topics to:
feedback AT theoralhistorypodcast DOT com

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