Introducing Our First Sponsor…The Booklist Reader!


“BOOM. Way to handle shit, ladies!”

We’re THRILLED to announce a new happy partnership: The Booklist Reader has become the first Official Sponsor of The Oral History Podcast!

What this means:  we’ll be spreading our show around to a larger audience, so you can listen via Booklist’s channels as well as this site, iTunes & the newly-added Stitcher app. We will also have a little more means for our business costs as well.

Beyond that? It’s the same show, the same opinions, the same Midwestern accents, the same candor about sex and books.

Expect Episode 9 on “Cheating” to release in early September. Meanwhile, our thanks go out to The Booklist Reader and Daniel Kraus for making this possible, Andrew Karre for making us sound good, and of course, all of our listeners!

And listeners? Thank you for all your emails and tweets about the show – we really appreciate your feedback and support!

More about The Booklist Reader:

The Booklist Reader is a blog offering opinion, news, and lists from the friendly book geeks at Booklist magazine and Booklist Online. If you’re an aspiring author, check out their Publishing U series, which offers excellent advice from a wide variety of industry pros. You’ll find that and more at, or follow them on Twitter @BooklistReader.

thoughtful norman

“Well. Wouldya lookit that? Our heroines got a sponsor!”

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